Sagi Gailis

If only I could start the morning by walking along some of the winding, rushing streams in the north, following their paths through dense woodland, mysterious and enchanted.

I would stop and look at the white lily flowers, which appear to me as if they are filled with stories about the magic of Creation... and I would enjoy watching the scene lit up by the first early rays of sunshine... If only I could walk for a day along the streets of Crusader Acre, and venture through its myriad narrow alleyways... If only I could explore Jerusalem, and experience its unique spiritual atmosphere and its secrets...
If only... I could take these amazing journeys with you!

My name is Sagi and I would be more than happy to show you some of the nature and history of this gorgeous land. I can take you to the same places that I like touring personally,
I would love to share this amazing experience called Israel with You.