Yael Regev

I was born in Haifa, between the MediterraneanSea and Mount Carmel. After my military service I decided to experience a new culture.

I moved to Florence, Italy, the capital of the Italian Renaissance. I attended the University of Florence and majored in art history. During my studies I entered the world of guiding and teaching when I worked as a guide in museums and as a teacher of history and art at Lorenzo de' Medici college.
I returned home after seven years in Italy and, naturally, I felt I had to rediscover Israel. I signed up for a travel guiding program which has expanded my knowledge of Israel and its beautiful sites. I received my official working permit as a tour guide in 2013.

Today, I continue to expand my education as I am completing my master's degree in art history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. As a new resident in the city I discover each and every day the rich history and the variant layers that Jerusalem as to offer. In my guiding tours I combine art, culture, religion, and history content.